Company History
Rice Audio Production is the next step in the evolution of one of my "Serious Hobbies" -- audio production...
Some of my very first memories of my childhood involve the radio. I would spend hours playing any AM and FM radios I could get my hands on; often pretending to be a DJ for my parents, my friends, or if no one else was around, just to amuse myself. My parents kept dozens of audio tapes I made of my "personal radio shows" and continued to listen to them, even I as grew into adulthood.

In middle school, I found out about amateur (Ham) radio. I was immediately hooked. First licenced in 1987 as KC4KQE (a callsign I plan to keep), I moved from spending hours in front of a tape recorder pretending to be a DJ to hours in front of an HF-rig microphone talking to other Hams all over the world.

When I went to college at NC State University, I finally had my chance to be a "real" DJ at their college station -- WKNC-FM.

...More on my walk down memory lane is coming soon...
Rice Audio Production, LLC provides audio production services; including general recording services, sound effect generation, theatrical sound design, and development of Public Service Announcments.